Projects under my spotlight.

The Head of Hierodula Patellifera

Selected entry for  Illustraciencia 8.

Exhibited in :

2021 October and November at Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales (MNCN-CSIC) 

2022 March in The Botanical Garden of the University of Valencia.

A Surgery

真 相 手 術


An art book reveals the hidden facts of smartphone obsession. Components from an actual Nokia phone are used as metaphor of human’s internal organs to express the message.


Bird Paradise

Wall-covering Design

Awarded Merit in OFF THE WALL Wallpaper Design Competition 2020. 

Host:The Materialists 建材家 & Tat Ming Wallpaper 達明牆紙

Hong Kong is a bird paradise, the renowned wetland is a habitat of many birds. This is a window letting home stayers appreciate the wonders of local birds.



作者 Author 郭斯恆 Brian Kwok / Information Design Lab

376 pages/ Paperback/ 185mm x 255mm/

Written in Traditional Chinese

Illustration project for the book ‘City of Scripts – The Craftsmanship of Vernacular lettering in Hong Kong’ by Brian Kwok. It aims to capture impressions of each craftsman.


A Memoir of an Insect Funeral


Graphic Novel

68 pages/ Saddle Stitch/ 176mm x 250mm x 8mm/

Full Color with Gold Ink

2021 Hong Kong Digital Printing Award—Bronze 

’A Memoir of an Insect Funeral‘ is a story of a boy who   encounters some local insect undertakers by chance. They take him to witness the soul of a dead wasp cross over during a beautiful insect funeral.


When Sanitizers Sing

Concept Design

Winner entry in ‘Performance Amidst Adversity’ of FOUNTAIN OF HYGIENE Design Competition. Exhibited at Haw Par Mansion. 

Host:Bompas and Parr and BODW 

Teammate:Gabriella Lai

Covid-19 is tumbles all over the world, sanitizers became daily commodity. This concept of a bird head sanitizers will create bird squeaks when in use. Mobile, simple and fun.



未 來 號 外

Information Design

Partnered with:TÜV Rheinland

This newspaper extra is from the year 2050. It is to raise the issue of elderly’s quality of life  after retirement. Assumption of future: people can have infinite lifespan in the future. Technologies are advancing, humans can have longer lifespans. Yet they might suffer more from old age diseases. Will human have longer and happier lifespan?


Letter Platter

Entries to Rijksstudio Award 2020