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Carol Ng is a communication designer and visual artist. To be free from design constraints, she created an artistic identity EASYEASYROL. Her works are often visual extravaganza with rich colours. In 2021, she published a graphic novel ’A Memoir of an Insect Funeral’ and a comic 'Darwin's Love Poem'.

Carol Ng 是一名平面設計師和視覺藝術家。為了創作上得到絕對自由而取了筆名 easyeasyrol,作品色彩豐富多變,題材廣泛,由奇幻生物設計到科學插圖都有涉獵。 2021年共創作兩本作品昆蟲禮儀回憶錄Darwin’s Love Poem




Booked @ Taikwun Contemporary

《獨讀》Duk6 Duk6 獨立敘事讀物節 @南豐紗廠


香港插畫及文創展(HKICS) @九龍灣展覽中心

IllusfairHK - normally abnormal @K11 Art Mall

Illustracienca 8 @Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales


dtpy_presents: Touch Wood

Illustracienca 8 @ The Botanical Garden of the University of Valencia.

3 • Art Space | NFT Art Show



2014-18 Hong Kong Polytechnic University (BA) Communication Design

2016 Exchanged to Köln International School of Design

2017 Interned at Edited, Emotion Lab

2018-20 Graphic Designer at Walt Disney Imagineering

2021 Focused developing my own brand EASYEASYROL

2022 Project Coordinator at The Walt Disney Company: Business Integration



(852) 9252 9707

IG: easyeasyrol